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A refuge between art and design

Costantinopoli 104, a charming home and green oasis in the heart of the city of Naples, is distinguished by a considerable interest in art and design. The roots of this passion most likely lie in the historic origins of this old mansion, already at the time located on Via Costantinopoli, home to junk dealers, antiquarians and restorers.

Refined contemporary art installations embellish the villa and stand in continuous dialogue with elements of the past, maintained and restored during the restyling of the mansion. If inside you can contemplate the works of art located at the reception desk and the elegant marble staircase connecting the two floors, in the garden you can admire the piperno portal, the coats of arms and friezes on the facade, the marble balustrades, the characteristic polychrome leaded glass window in Art Nouveau style, and other important works of contemporary art.

Past eras are thus recalled and enhanced and blended with a modern style and design that characterizes the villa's rooms and suites instead. Colors, pieces of history, marble and fine materials, friezes and decorations convey an unparalleled attention to artistic and cultural heritage.

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